Name : Patsarinporn Veerapetch (pLoY)
From : Bangkok, Thailand
Degree : BBA Marketing- IMC
Assumption University of Thailand
Live in : Southampton, UK
Study : MA Advertising Design Management
University of Southampton - Winchester School of Art

HayHay!! Let’s try this new app “Dayre” you will find that blogging is very easy and fun ūüėČ You can find me as “PloyPatsarinporn” ‚úĆÔłŹ pls follow ūüėė #dayre #dayreapp #newapp #blogging

HayHay!! Let’s try this new app “Dayre” you will find that blogging is very easy and fun ūüėČ You can find me as “PloyPatsarinporn” ‚úĆÔłŹ pls follow ūüėė #dayre #dayreapp #newapp #blogging


In the next five years, the main advertising trend, which will play as significant role in the market as I think, is social network advertising. 

There are rapidly increase in a number of social network users. As Harrison mention in the ‚ÄėDigital trends forecast 2012‚Äô that there are several mobile ‚Äďbased activities that involve in the people‚Äôs daily life, which are downloading application, visit social networking site and play game in a social network site. People are Facebooking, Twittering due to kill their free time. Social networking site is the place that information can rapidly spread and can suddenly be the social topic if it is interesting. The advertising can appear in many different format in order to catch users‚Äô attention, even appear in the social gaming, which it is dramatically grow in the present time as Harrison claimed in his paper. Moreover, social network site is one means that can store users date base, which it is important for advertiser to easily focus on their target consumers in the future.¬†

Neutrogena Case Study

According to the case, the target market of this product is teenage between 16-21 yrs..The most effective media is Social Media which it can interact with customers. Also, the Marketing Events can¬†especially¬†call attention from the target customers to involved. This product is launched base on their customer’s concern about their face skin, especially acne problem. Nowadays, social media is the most powerful among teenagers, they are in the social network whole day, so it’s significant to use this technology to be the main tools. However, use of sampling in this campaign might make more effective result.¬†

Workshop Decoding (Maybelline New Cat Eyes Mascara))

1. Campaign : Mayberlline - New the Colossal Cat Eyes Mascara

2. Target :

   + Women, Teenager - middle age 

   + Middle Class

   + Working Class

   + Love to make up / Fashionable

3. Visual & Linguistic signs :

   + Visual - focus on the eyes - compare w/ leopard’s eyes

    to shows the sharply beautiful eyes w/ long eyelash.

                 - show clearly pdt image

                 - use only 3 main colour in the ads.

¬† ¬†+ Heading - NEW CAT EYES , GO FELINE! — it‚Äôs a

¬† ¬†biggest font size, located on the top of the ad » easy to

   see and understand

   + Text - giving the info. about their special collagen enriched

   formular and claw brush that help eyelash having 7x

¬† ¬†more volume under ‚ÄúThe Secret‚ÄĚ topic in order to

   stimulate people to believe. Also to be an outstanding


4. Core massage :


    CAT EYES. 

¬† ¬†+ using steady word ‚ÄúCOLOSSAL‚ÄĚ cat eyes.

5. Identify ‚ÄúMyth‚ÄĚ : people believe that cat eyes is sharply beautiful

   thus because eyelash will make girl’s eyes looks feline!!

6. Tone of Voice : Sexy with Rational, it‚Äôs suggesting the benefit

   of the product which is it’s quality is better than before with new

   collagen enriched formula and claw brush that help eyelash

   having 7x more volume.

7. Ambiguity of signs and interpret :

   Men = they might feel provocative toward the ads, they

   may want their girlfriend or wife use this mascara.

   Women = they might feel interesting to use the product

   because they want to look sexy.

8. Is it effective ? :

¬† ¬†Yes, it is…because it‚Äôs let‚Äôs the audience easy to get the

   point of its product. It can stimulate women to feel sexy by

   its visual and text.

Inside John Lewis

After I saw the film “Inside Jone Lewis” in the lecture class yesterday, I felt that John Lewis is the interesting company. This company not only concern about selling products but also concern their employees’s being life. Thirteen percent is the number that company offer to all their staffs as a bonus last year, which is considered as a very high number in term of an annual bonus. These policy can lead employees to work hard in order to reach a high quality of company operation.

The well organise of products position inside John Lewis is make customers love to shopping there, the ease of finding products category is such a good point.

Focusing on TV commercial for Christmas last year, John Lewis decided to use emotional style to be there ads, they try to recall the customer’s feeling about their best christmas’s gifts when they were young. In the ads, use of children to be main characters is good to represent the feeling of the best gifts ever.¬†

Great TV ads from Pantene in Thailand…just wanna share to u guys ^__^

Fighting ^___^ 

Let’s get to know me ^___^

Hello everyone :)

My name is Patsarinporn Veerapetch, you can call me “Ploy”. I’m 23 years old. I’m come from Bangkok, Thailand. I graduated from Assumption University of Thailand, BBA Marketing-¬†Integrate Marketing Communication. As I graduated in media communication field, thus I decided to¬†study in the same field in my Master degree so this is the reason why I choose MA Advertising Design Management. Also, a good reputation of Winchester School of Art can guarantee that I choose the right place to study.¬†

I graduated in March 2010 then I started my working life in the beginning of April 2010 at Michelin Thailand as Export Administration. After 6 months I was promoted to be Export Planner. However, my work was in the International Business field not media communication so I decided to finished with my working life and continue my master degree. In my future career I want to be the great advertiser in the great media company in Thailand which I can do my love job with the great deal salary ^__^

pLoY :D

HeLLo everyOne ^___^

HeLLo everyOne ^___^